Return Policy and Request for Return Materials Authorization (RMA) 

K-Patents products should be returned to the original seller, which is, in general, the local representative.

Product returns always require obtaining an incoming Return Material Authorization (RMA) number and document to meet manufacturer’s safety guidelines. The Return Material Authorization (RMA) number and document is provided by K-Patents to representatives requesting return of material(s) for repair or other services.

Before shipping any product/ item to K-Patents, please fill in and submit the RMA Request Form to

K-Patents will generate an RMA number and return the RMA form to you so that you attach it to the package when shipping product(s) back to us.

RMA form in pdf format can be downloaded here »

Please place the printed RMA form (with RMA number) outside of the package. If the shipped equipment has been in contact with chemically hazardous process, we kindly ask you to enclose the Material safety data sheet (in English) and Hazardous note inside the package.