Product Support and Spare Parts over the Product Life Cycle

Changes in technology may lead to the end of a K-Patents product's lifecycle. When this occurs, the product model version and/or its support services may no longer be available and the product is removed from the price list. 

In case of product model obsolescence, K-Patents always aims at providing an economical alternative to replace the obsolete product with a subsequent product version. In addition to a subsequent product version, spare parts and service for the discontinued products are available according to the support policy below. 

This statement intends to advise our customers of K-Patents product life cycle policy comprising two stages before the final product’s End of Life (EOL) is reached. 

End of Product Life comprises two stages:

1. End of Sale 
includes stop of the product model selling, end of the product model production and software upgrades

2. End of Product Support 
includes end of product spare parts and service, i.e. the final stage of the product lifecycle and marks the date that the product model is retired. The Life cycle statuses of all K-Patents Process Refractometers, systems and major parts and accessories are presented in the support policy statement (pdf)