Yogurt and Chilled Dairy Flavoring

Yogurt, one of the most consumed products within dairy is made by the lactic fermentation of whole, standardized and skimmed milk. Fresh fruit, jam, juice, honey, syrup and other sweeteners may be added to flavor the yogurt before it is packaged for sale. In a continuous industrial process, yogurt flavoring is done in-line when it is transferred from the buffer tanks to the filling lines.

The K-Patents Sanitary Process Refractometer PR-43-AC measures continuously the Brix of flavored yogurt for final quality control purposes, before the product passes to the filling machines and is packed. 

The measurement of the K-Patents refractometer is not influenced by particles, bubbles or the color of the medium. The measurement is selective of the liquid phase and fruit chunks, seeds or berries mixed in the yogurt do not represent a source of error. 

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Application Note ref. 2.05.05 Yogurt and Chilled Dairy Flavoring (PDF)