K-Patents Applications in Oil Refining and Petrochemical Industry

8.01.00 Oil Refining Process

8.01.01 Hydrotreaters / Aromatic Content Measurement
8.01.02 Sulfuric Acid Alkylation 
8.01.03 Liquid Hydrocarbon Identification

8.02.00 Natural Gas Processing

8.02.01 Glycol Dehydration
8.02.02 Amine Gas Treating: H2S and CO2 Removal

8.03.00 Bulk Petrochemicals and Intermediates

8.03.01 Lube Oil Refining Process

8.04.00 Effluents Treatment

8.04.01 KOH Scrubbing of Acid Gas

8.05.00 Oil & Gas Storage and Transportation

8.05.01 Oil Pipeline Interface Detection

8.06.00 Oil Sands Processing


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